Beautiful and Natural-Looking Monofilament Wigs

You can look the way you want. Crown Wigs, in Silver Spring, MD or Alexandria, VA, is proud to offer you custom wigs and read-made wigs that give you the style you deserve. Our wigs are hospital-recommended and well suited for medical-related hair loss such as chemotherapy and alopecia-related hair loss.

Ready-Made Wigs

If you prefer a pre-crafted hairpiece, we have thousands of ready-made wigs in stock. These are available in many styles and we have photos available for you to browse and discover your perfect look.

Custom Wigs

Our custom wigs and hairpieces will give you the look you want. Come in and let us customize your look. We will start by measuring your head size as well as noting your desired texture, color, and all the specific items you are looking for in our initial consultation. After that, we can create a custom wig that meets your needs.

Clean and Styled

Once you have decided on a hairpiece, we can trim, style, and fit it to look exactly the way you want. After your purchase, our service will continue to be available to you for cleaning, setting, and styling. Whenever your wig needs a lift, bring it in and our professionals will make it look fresh again.
Contact us in Silver Spring, MD or Alexandria, VA, and get the look you want with our custom and ready-made wigs.
Monofilament - Wigs and hairpieces in Silver Spring, MD